New Venue Announced!

Our events continue to grow which means we are always searching for a new venue. We have numerous crafters/vendors from the Dayton area so, we began our search in Wilmington. We didn't have to look far before we found a state- of-the-art convention center with hotel and restaurant on site. We are so excited to be hosting our Spring Event at the Roberts Centre in Wilmington. The Roberts Centre is a beautiful convention center with over 80,000 sq ft for vendor space. The Roberts Centre is centrally located between Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus. We are looking forward to filling our room that has over 11,000 sq ft of event space with talented crafters/vendors from the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus areas. We are also very excited that as our event grows, the Roberts Centre will be able to accommodate us. Be sure to stop in and shop with us on March 23, 2019 from 10am-5 pm!


Setting Up Your Space

Regardless if this is your first for fiftyith show, your presentation space is your first impression to your customers.
You need to make sure your space is both presentable but not overcrowded.
It is also important that you understand exactly how much space you have and how to use it properly. If your space is 8 feet wide by 5 feet deep, you should set up your contents prior to the day of the event. Measure this area and mark it on your floor with tape. For example, you can choose to set up a 6 foot table with one or two chairs behind it.


5 Quick Tips to a Successful Event

1. Be prepared - Planning for the travel, load in, set up, and tear down is a big part of success. Be sure to know the dimensions of your booth. Measure that space at home and set up your booth and tables inside that space. This will help you know how much product to bring.

2. Make your displays pop! It is said: "You never have a second chance to make a first impression." Does this event require that you bring your own table or are they provided by the venue? Always have a tablecloth. Use varying heights and colors in your display.

3. Be friendly - You never know who could be your next customer. Don't hide behind your displays playing on your phone all day. Greet each customer as they browse. Talk to the vendors around you. Networking with other vendors is a big part of a successful event.

4. Help advertise the event- You may think this is the job of the coordinator, but if each vendor would advertise once on their social media sites and business pages many more people could be reached. All of our events have event pages where the vendors can advertise for free. Use this to attract potential customers before and after the event.

5. Make paying easy for customers- Be prepared to accept many forms of payment. Cash and carry items are always great but not everyone carries cash. Other avenues of payment might be the Square, PayPal, or checks. Always have prices on your items. Make sure you have a variety of price ranges.